Kovalan .R

Software Developer

I'm Kovalan .R. I live in Chennai, India. I studied Master Of computer Science in College of Engineering, Guindy and working as a Software Developer. I’m a technology enthusiast and always eager to learn new and exciting technologies. I’m constantly looking for innovative solutions to age-old problems that push the limits of what we conceive to be possible. I have a keen interest in Linux and Open Source and I virtually live by Linux.

I’m always looking for ways to live the life to my full potential by constantly learning new things to improve myself. I’m a strong believer in sharing the knowledge with others.

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  • kovalan.ishva
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I am an avid Linux lover and Open Source enthusiast. Work on various Linux flavours.Ubuntu is my favourite Linux flavour. Good knowledge of Application Deployment on Linux servers and server monitoring.

Good experience in Core PHP, Yii Framework . Good knowledge of PHP Website deployment under Apache or Nginix webserver, Loadbalancing the application by deploying app on different servers.

Have a good knowledge in Java and Text Analytics Using StandfordNLP .

Also have knowledge of Hadoop Eco System and Hbase, was envolve in Various Bigdata project. And also Worked on Apache Nutch Web Crawler and Apache Solr.

Good knowledge of HTML5 and CSS. Good experience in CSS, can write device specific css. Good knowledge of Bootstrap framework. Good knowledge of Javascript and JQuery libraries.

Worked on some Big data Analytic Projects which is deal with Cassandra and also MySQL. Good Knowledge in relational databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL and NoSQL databases like Hbase and cassandra.

Worked on Python library like BeautifulSoup. Have Good Knowledge in Web Scraping.

Have very good knowledge in Git versioning management and extracting content from OCR docs using tesseract and Carrotsearch foamtree visualization